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I do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness.

Sometimes I pull out a card from one of my card decks and I wonder, “How does this applies to me? What does it mean?” Often times, if it doesn’t resonate with me, it will later in the day (I often pull a card right before bed, which I find is more applicable for the next day).

Well today, I pulled out, “I do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness.” At first glance, it looks like a pretty negative card. It’s dark with a creepy looking owl. It’s got it’s eyes closed, yet I can feel it staring into my soul. It makes me feel like I have a lot of growing to do which can seem daunting at times. But I took a minute and thought, “How does this apply to my life right now?”

So what does this mean to me?


It means to take inspired action.

The moment before pulling the card, I felt pressured to prioritize some of my other responsibilities rather than the ones I felt inspired to actually do. I often put others’ needs before mine, and answer to people immediately when it’s not necessarily time-sensitive, just because at the end of the day, I get paid more through their company… right now. What I really felt inspired to do was actually to write this blog post and build my own business, so that one day it will be a profitable venture.

I took a step back, and decided that if I were to put my energy into something I felt like I had to do, rather than something I wanted to do, I would be putting in a low energy towards that action. At the end of the day, high vibrations bring positive results and I am a high vibe kind of gal.


Letting go of timeline and the results.

This has always been a struggle for me. I’ve definitely improved over the years, but when things don’t go the way you deem as “the right way,” it can be disheartening. It’s an obsession and it doesn’t bode well with the Universe.

Often times, when I set a timeline for a desire to manifest, I end up developing negative feelings towards it. I worry about the date approaching and focus on the feeling of not having it yet or not working hard enough towards that goal.

It’s best to let go and let the Universe figure out the How’s and the When’s.

I experienced this last week when I surrendered the outcome of a situation to the Universe. I told the Universe, “if it works out, great! If not, great! At the end of the day, I am receiving my desire whether it comes from the medium I want or something better.” Later that day, I received a major sign from the Universe that let me know that I was on the right track.

If you’re obsessing over the result of a situation, remember that there is likely to be a better alternative to what you are hoping for. If your focus is on a loving relationship with someone specific, but it doesn’t seem to be going the way you hoped it would, consider that you are still attracting that loving relationship, but with someone who is perhaps better suited for you than the person you are ogling over.

Now, I want you to contemplate: how does this card resonate with you?