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If Source created the body, it can heal the body.

Over the weekend, I watched the movie “Heal” on Netflix and was completely inspired by it. Something that was said in the film resonated with me – if Source created the body, it can heal the body. I have been suffering from chronic pain due to digestive issues. I’m still in the process of determining a cause with my team of doctors, but they’re leaning towards IBS. “I can’t eat that” or “I can’t wait for the day when I can eat/drink…” are constant thoughts throughout my day. I know this is a negative mindset. One that I’m working toward changing. But I can’t help but think, “What emotional stress caused this pain?”

There are a few instances throughout my life that I can think of when trying to place a stressor to the cause – my parents divorce, a hard break up from my own relationship – but the one that stands out the most is my lack of love toward my body for over 20 years. I remember believing that I was fat since my preadolescent years! I’ve always had a tummy, and despite actually being slim everywhere else, I always viewed myself as “fat” because of my muffin top. Ridiculous right?

Well now I’m paying the price. After years and years of criticizing and shaming my stomach fat, I’ve now developed stomach/digestive issues. And if it were up to my modern doctors, I would be on expensive medication for the rest of my life… at 27… great.

I’m taking a more natural route instead. Although I see the benefits in both modern and natural medicine, I believe that there should be a balance. Aside from taking natural supplements and changing my diet, one major change I need to make is my mindset.

It can still be a struggle changing a mindset I’ve imbedded into my life and self image. My biggest challenge right now is to reverse this negativity. I love myself wholly – flaws and all. I’ve actually come a long way since the start of this pain occurring. I used to experience pain at a 10, on a scale of 0-10, every day. Now, most of the time when I do feel pain in my abdomen, it’s usually at a maximum of 4! Thank you, Universe!

Self talk can make or break your self worth. So, my plan to create a positive mindset is to:

  1. Give love and gratitude to my abdomen
  2. Respond with three positive statements about my body whenever I make or think of a negative statement.