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Hello Empresses!

So I wanted to share my personal story with you on how changing my money mindset helped me manifest my brand new car!

Since moving back to Canada after a year living and working in Peru, I set some pretty high goals for myself – build a business, buy a car, earn triple the amount I was making back then, buy a condo, etc.

I had no idea how I was going to get there. Some days, I still don’t have an idea how things will pan out, but I know one thing: I trust in the Universe.

I set my intentions and took action.

A few months had gone by and although I was close, it didn’t seem like I was getting there. I could recognize that my mindset towards money was pretty bad. I had always had this idea that I should never worry about money because it always comes and goes. But I found that I was saying things like, “I’m too poor,” “I can’t afford that,” “When I have the money, I’m going to buy ____.”

It was like an endless pool of negativity!

The worst thing was that I was also feeling lack of motivation to really do anything about it.

So I changed my mindset.

I adopted the mantra “I am motivated by success” for about a month. I repeated this mantra at least 108 times a day (while using my mala beads of course!)

Throughout this month, I felt motivated to take action in every aspect of my life. I also found that while initially when adopting this mantra I considered ‘success’ to be monetary, success started manifesting in different ways.

My relationships were more successful; I noticed that my body was becoming fitter – I was exercising more, and overall I felt healthier than before; and a stranger enquired about the Manifesting Empress Self Love Challenge, while I was sitting at a coffee shop! Weird right?

Well, it also affected my finances! Car shopping forced me to sit down and actually look at my finances. I realized that I hit that goal of tripling my income! WHAT?!

I was so excited! I had this mentality of “it’ll take me a long time before I can afford to buy a car,” to “it is well within my income to pay of a brand new vehicle!”

And guess what? I bought a freaking 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport because I CAN AFFORD IT.

In just a month, I hit two of my major goals of 2019 by switching my mindset!

I encourage you girls to do the same, because YOU CAN ACHIEVE SUCCESS!