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Manifesting Empress

My Story

How did I get started on this journey of self-discovery?

It started about 7 years ago. I was happily in a relationship with a guy that I considered to be my forever partner, my king. When I least expected it, he broke up with me.

I was devastated to say the least…

Initially, I was browsing the Internet for ways to get my boyfriend back. I quickly stumbled upon the Law of Attraction – something I’d heard of years previous but dismissed. Alright, I have nothing to lose.. better give it a shot right?

Did I attract the loving relationship I oh so desired with my ex? No. Why? Well, I didn’t realize it at the time – blinded by desperation and being a rookie at the Law of Attraction– but it was because I still had fear, anger, and attachment towards him and the situation.

Rather than “getting him back”, I thought of something else… all of my plans for the future are now dead and gone. What am I going to do now? It was my 4th and final year of university and I still had NO IDEA of what I wanted to do with my life. I had completely lost sight of what my kingdom would look like.

Still, I was lost for years. I practiced and PRACTICED the Law of Attraction. Don’t get me wrong, I did attract some AMAZING things in my life. I manifested the ability to work and travel overseas. Twice. I have been to 27 countries and counting, I learned how to dance Salsa in the city where it was born, I learned how to surf in Bali, I’ve been to a Thai monk’s inauguration party (it’s a lot more fun than you would think), I sat on the floor of a Buddhist monk’s monastery and talked about The Beatles in Myanmar, I almost died in Colombia (which happens to be the best day of my life), along with so many other amazing experiences.

Although these incredible experiences gave me much joy in my life, I still considered myself lost. It wasn’t until about 6 years into my self-discovery journey that I actually discovered MYSELF. What I thought I truly longed for – manifesting a loving relationship with a great guy who can love me, the damsel in distress – I actually longed for LOVING MYSELF.

And thus began the next chapter in my journey: self-love. I had just spent years of gathering as much knowledge as I could about the Law of Attraction and heard the word “self-love” thousands of times. However, this term didn’t resonate until I had my own realization, where I discovered that my problem was ME. It was my perception of myself, my inner talk, my own criticisms.

I turned the focus on ME. The Empress within me. A month into it, I noticed that some of my deeply rooted fears and worries started to fade. I was getting answers to questions I had asked on a daily basis for a number of years, if not my entire life. My biggest answer was becoming conscious of what I wanted to do for a living. I FINALLY had an idea of what it would look like. I knew I wanted to work online and have the freedom of no bosses or time restraints and I wanted to somehow mesh my passions together: travel, personal development & spirituality, as well as teaching. I can now say that I finally have a clear view of my Empire.

Which brings me to My Mission..

My Mission

My mission is to empower other women going through the same thing. When I think back to the beginning of my journey, it would have been really nice for someone to have guided me to look inwardly and love myself for WHO I AM, in order to heal and ‘find myself’. So now, I am here to help you find your light and the Empress inside of you, through coaching and other resources. I want to empower you as the woman and human being that you are and unlock the great potential you have within you.