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Hi lovely Empress!

My name is Alexis and I’m here to shut down those self-sabotaging behaviours, help you fall in love with yourself and create a beautiful life that YOU designed.

Are you feeling stuck in a loop of the same patterns?

Do you feel like the status quo is just not working anymore?

Do you want more out of life?

Do you believe in the power of mindset and manifestation?

Do you want to master the power of consciously co-creating your life?

Are you ready to level up and live out your dreams and passions?

Are you ready to effortlessly love yourself?

Are you ready to feel confident and worthy?

Are you ready to finally say YES to your future?


I’ve been you, girl. I AM you. Just a few steps ahead…


It took me 6 years into my personal development journey to assign the term ‘self-sabotage’ to my behaviour and another 2 years to truly understand WHY I sabotage and HOW to break those patterns.

Since then, I feel like I’ve been sailing through life.

What used to be a tennis match of emotions: → alignment // ← negative self-talk // → ecstatic about life // ← doubt & depression; is now a balanced conversation with my soul’s purpose and my ego.

I used to feel so stuck. I had no direction in life and said ‘no’ to most opportunities. I was pursuing a career in teaching ESL abroad, but it wasn’t fulfilling enough. I constantly fought with my family. I had emotionally distant relationships with my closest friends for fear that they wouldn’t accept my authentic truth. I always started projects but never finished them. And as much as I wanted to be in a romantic relationship, I would make up excuses as to why the relationship could never work before giving it a chance in the first place.

I sabotaged every single area of my life because it was easier to stay in the status quo. Hovering just above the water, but letting myself be pulled down by the undertow from time to time.

Every time I felt the urge to live a life that I consciously co-created, my mean-girl ego would be right there to shut it down.

Now, I can confidently say that I am a recovering self-sabotager!

Does my ego still feel the need to shut my plans down?


But now I have befriended my mean-girl ego and learned to trust my inner guide fully.

I’m consciously creating the life of my dreams through manifestation.

+ I’ve travelled the world.

+ I’ve manifested a piece of property for 60% under asking price.

+ I’m building a house for a fraction of the cost it is to buy in my market.

+ I CONSTANTLY get Universal downloads.

+ I’m working in my dream career which blends all of my passions.

+ And most importantly, I have learned to effortlessly LOVE myself.


My goal as your life coach is to teach you early what I learned late.

You CAN do this by yourself and take almost a decade to truly progress, like I did. Or you can TAKE THE LEAP now to create and build positive momentum in your life NOW.


Take the leap and discover your potential, girl.

Trust me, you’ll feel like the Empress that you truly are.